Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It really is like spring out there!

Oh my gosh! At 6AM - the birds were out there singing and singing and singing - like you wouldn't believe!

Puppy and I had to go back outside just to have a listen!

Ok, maybe that's not why he went - but, I can pretend my trusty sidekick enjoys the birds in the same way that I do, not in the 'chase 'em down, catch 'em, and swing 'em around like a stuffed bean bag' kind of way, can't I?

Anyhoo - it reminded me of our spring break camping trip a couple of years ago - you know when you're camping and you get up so early and the woods are just alive with critters and their lovely noises and the people are all silent and groggy and happy and enjoying coffee around last night's firepit? I love that part of camping!

And that is what the 'choir' this morning took me back to - it was great!

And it sure didn't feel like any ol February 7th to me!

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