Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Recurring dream - leave me alone!

I am so tired of dreaming that I am moving to Alabama! Dammit!

That happened over six months ago - it's done, we did it - over! We're here!

Now please let me quit re-living it one hundred different ways!

I dream that we are moving here at least a few times a week! I wake up exhausted, emotionally spent, and sad, missing Dallas again!

Sometimes I dream that it's the day we're leaving and we're all together, crying!

Sometimes I dream that it is our last holiday/birthday gathering - as last Christmas was kind of sad, knowing we wouldn't be there this year. And also, we left on July 1st - and in May, we had my birthday, my brother's birthday, and Mother's Day. So those were kind of sad, too.

My mom did decorate the ENTIRE house for our birthdays, though!! We always have our party together...and Momma did more decorations than ever - she even decorated the back yard!! And we turned 36 and 40! It was really great, though! Made the sweet a lot stronger than the bitter.

So anyway, back to the dreams - sometimes I dream it's one of those family gatherings...

This last rendition of the dream did have an interesting twist at the end. See, when we got here, to Alabama, we had to stay at my MIL's house for a few weeks because of plumbing issues with the house. So in the dream, we also couldn't move into the house for a while - but, instead of the MIL's house - we were moved into this 'apartment', and I use that term VERY loosely!!

This 'apartment' was the freakin' BOMB!! Unbelievable! It was so cool, that Sammie hadn't even noticed that her bedroom was kind of small. The kids were running through the place like excited monkeys!

It had three sets of stairs - inside the house! The kitchen was amazing! It not only had an island, but, also had a breakfast bar - and they were both so big, that they both had barstools at them!

And of course, you have to have those little weird things in your dreams. The cooktop was on top of the dishwasher instead of the oven. Odd little detail.

Anyway, it was really cool and we were all so excited. So that kind of made having to have the dream a little more bearable.

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