Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Now if that don't beat all!

I found the perfect Happy Birthday smiley for me today! A drunk old Irishman!! hehehe!

I hope his audio works on here - too cute! ...nope, it doesn't work, darn! Well, he says, "It's your birthday? Well, happy Christmas Easter bunny!" with some burps and hiccups in the voice of maybe a 60 yr old Irishman - very cute!!

I sure wish I felt better today, I have this rotten cold, chest crap - I hope to garsh it's not gonna morph into (or hasn't already) bronchitis or walking pneumonia.

Ever since I got that horrible bout of pneumonia about two years ago, I'm always nervous when the coughing and pain goes way down into my chest.

But surely, I'm just making a mountain out a molehill...right?

I sure wish I felt better for my birthday - well, hopefully, Friday evening - I'll feel better, and I'll have the car, and I can get to a meeting - with people who really are happy about such things!

My dh forgot - and my 13yr. old was seriously not thrilled!

I'm just rambling, because I'm completely unable to 'post like I mean it' today - think I'll go hang out in my daughter's room and watch her tv. LOL

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