Friday, December 22, 2006

Great tech products site

I really, really need a new mouse - and I have always wanted to try a wireless mouse. I've heard various complaints about them, now I can't even remember what they were, darn it. But I still want to try one. I get so sick of my darn mouse cord getting caught up on stuff!

I might just have to order one of those from Technical Cable Applications next month when I start having some money coming in. (Go away, evil finance-draining holidays! Grrr!)

And it sure would be cool to have a Graphics Tablet.
I always wondered how graphics artists make their art happen,
and I expect that would be a cool way to do it. I could have my
signature on my site and all sorts of cool things. Oh! I could
write notes to the kids that I send mail to - or it might be
perfect for a page I have planned called
'The Bookworm Hall of Fame' - on which I was
going to display all the names of the kids I've
sent mail to - and I could actually handwrite them!
That would be cool!

Here's something pretty cool - a light-up keyboard! That would be great for my late nights on the puter! And would be quite a conversation piece, I'm sure! I know I've never seen one before!

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