Friday, December 22, 2006

Financial aid for students

Here is a site I am going to need to hold on to, for sure!

The site is FAFSA online and they are so full of information and very helpful!

The thought of the kids going off to school in just a few years scares me to death, financially, at least! Well, maybe in more ways than that, I'm sure - but, the cost of it is looming over my head like a big, black cloud.

I think that FAFSA could be really helpful in alleviating some of my fears!

One of the parts of FAFSA on the web that I really like is the secrets section - all of the little nitty gritty things that a college counselor would know, you know?

They also have the FAFSA form tutorials - those are really great!

The financial stress of sending your kids off to college can surely be overwhelming - but, thank goodness there's help out there!

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