Friday, March 31, 2006

It might be dangerous...

...but I'm going to venture in there! That's right -- I'm going into my brain -- and I'm going to explore....and I'm going to see what's in there!

I will wander freely, and pull out anything I might find interesting....or not interesting.

And I will report it here.


This is MY BLOG - my free speech blog! You see, I've got a blog for my business.

'Oh, you have your own business?'

Why, yes - I do. You can find it here: My Very Own Mail I send personalized letters to children encouraging them to read, read, read. And -- they get a craft project, a pencil, a #1 Reader magnet, and a surprise! Fun! Fun!

However - over there I am on my best behavior - over here...well, not so much.

Here I will be free to say that I support gay rights.

Here I will be free to talk of ghosts, spirits, angels.

Here I will be free to talk about my need to color my hair pink.

Some people may JUST not get me!

So, here -- I spill.

And spill I will. Dammit.

Ah, freedom.

Freedom is bliss. My fingers blast out whatever words and thoughts they wish.

Any and all junk they find in my brain may now make a wonderfully grand entrance.

I will freely say here that my kids drink soda for breakfast. Quit rolling your eyes, mom -- they'll be fine!

Now this, my dear reader, this is blogging. As it was meant to be.


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