Thursday, December 13, 2007

Working in bed - or wherever I want

Lots of good things have come together to make it possible for me to work in any room of my house. I suppose I could even work outside. I know I can work on the balcony, as I've already tried that. I just don't know how far that I can go. Can I sit on the swing under the pecan tree? I'm not sure yet. Can I put a blanket or a chair out front and hang out in the front yard with Lucky and the kids? I'm not sure yet. I do know, however, that I can now work in bed, which makes me so happy. It would be so awesome if I had one of those adjustable platform beds! I'm getting sick of leaning up against the wall, but, I shall not complain about my newfound computer mobility.

Here's the good and groovy chain of events that made all of this happen, though...

  1. First, my sweet Daddy gifted me with a new laptop, which I stupidly thought was a Dell. He has frequently bought Dells, so I think I just assumed it was a Dell. It is, however, a Lenovo ThinkPad. And I think I love it. Heh! Thanks, Daddy!

  2. Secondly, my sweet friend, Amy - asked her husband, Rob, if he had an extra router for me, as mine was pitifully incompetent. He did - she sent. They rock. I'm now the proud new owner of a Linksys Router. Thanks, guys!

  3. Thirdly, my friend, John P., told me about this super-mega-cool program called FolderShare, through which my two computers (my desktop and my new ThinkPad) can communicate with each other. So if I need access to any files on my harddrive while I'm blogging, it's no problem! Totally awesome!
Sometimes the universe all comes together for us in such splendid ways, don't you think?

Now if I could get someone to pay this darn electric bill - I think I'll never catch up with Alabama Power! Where is my sugar daddy when I need him? Haha!


Catriona (ami-chan) said...

That's very cool.
Although with regard the bill, not so cool. I feel bad about complaining ours have been over $100 every time since we moved, when they used to be about $70-90. Eeesh.

Now I'm scared about us going to a house rather than an apartment. Ack-ack-ack.

Lisa said...

Oh, it's definitely gonna run you higher, but, our trouble really started in that 100 degree stretch of days. And then - we've got more square footage than we're used to, as well, because, of the basement.

Mostly, just be careful if we have another 100 degree stretch! Oh, and we have bad credit, too - so that is why we were blessed with the $250 deposit smack in the middle of not being able to pay our bills. Ha!

Jennifer said...

I wish I could help babe, but I'm doing good to keep my own head above water, especially with Christmas. I keep meaning to call and get my deposit back from the electric company, but just when I was actually going to do it, I paid late. :( So now I have to be on time for a whole nother freaking forever before I can get it. Damn.

Lisa said...

Yeah, too bad I don't work at the country club anymore - lots of sugar daddies around that place! Hahhaha!

I hope you get your deposit back!!