Friday, December 28, 2007

Tornado for Christmas break?

That's right, folks - you heard it here first! That is, of course, unless you've been watching the Alabama news. You haven't, have you? Well, we are under a tornado watch until 6pm. Tornado watch? A few days after Christmas? That is so weird. And it has been in effect all day. That is a long tornado watch, too. My poor little outdoor Christmas tree keeps getting knocked over on the balcony. I need some little tray doohickey to put underneath it so that I can bring it in. Or there is going to be a sailing Christmas tree pretty soon! First the kids look up and see Santa's sleigh flying through the air, then they wait a few days and see a Christmas tree sailing through the air! Ha!


Dorothy said... safe, and let the bad weather be history.

Happy New Years.

Dorothy from grammology
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Sassy said...

Isn't it fun living in Alabama? You can have tornadoes one day and snow/sleet the next. For instance today is absolutely gorgeous, however the day after tomorrow will be freezing. Gotta love it!!

Lisa said...

Dorothy - Thank you!! It's clearing up today!

Sassy - Gorgeous? Serious? Not here - it's been awful - we just started seeing the sun peek out about an hour ago... It's definitely crazy! A lot like Texas!

Lisa said...

Sassy - But it was gorgeous here yesterday - completely!! Goofy!