Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rockin' party house

That would be our house! Yep, yep, yep! Hubby went crazy for Christmas and now we have the COOLEST basement in town! All the kids will want to be here, at our house! Which is exactly our goal! Make our house the 'cool house' and keep the kids close by, during those tumultuous teenage years!

'Santa' brought Sammie a new set of drums - yes, real ones. And they are sweet! And he brought Shawn a keyboard, and he brought Patrick an electric guitar. Oh yeah, and he brought Sammie a much better karaoke machine than her little Barbie one! Now we can totally ROCK OUT down there! Mark thinks he and I should learn to play an instrument, too, then we can all play together.

It's not just a concert hall down there, though. We also are set up for movie/TV-watching, game-playing heaven! We have a regular TV and a large flat-screen TV, an Xbox, and Xbox 360, and some other game system. Darn - I can never get those names straight. I usually call that other one a 'gamebox'. I know that's not right, though. Oh, I know - it's a Gamecube, yeah, that's it! And we have movies and games out the whazzoo - for endless hours of enjoyment!

And we, of course, have the Mack Daddy modern furniture down there, so you can get supremely comfortable while you're hanging out at the Rockin' Roberson house! Ha! Really - it is this uber comfortable, green leather couch, loveseat, and chair. And let me tell you - when you put the footstool in front of the chair - well, that there is a slice of heaven! It feels like you're in a chair made just for you, it just wraps around you perfectly. It's like sitting on a cloud. Anyone who sits in that chair does NOT want to get up out of it!

Yeah - we're gonna have all the kids at our house, that's for sure!
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