Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Shawn, My Goblin

Shawn tried out for the school play yesterday - and today he found out that he made it! The play they are doing is:

I'm so excited! And he seems really excited about it, too! I love - no, I absolutely love, the theater. And none of my children have been involved with the theater as of yet. I would never push them, but, I sure would love it if one of them really got a taste for it, like I have! I would love that so much! We'll see - Shawn is going to get a taste of it, that's for sure. And we'll see how much, or even if, he likes it. He is very happy about it right now.

I was telling some of my friends that he was so shy about having made it, that when I told him, "Congratulations!" when he got home, he couldn't even say, "Thank you!" He just grinned sheepishly.

He got the part of a goblin, and he is understudy to Bopher. I'm not sure if I got that name right or not. Or, I'm not sure if I got the spelling right, actually. I know I got the name right, because, I kept saying to him, "Gopher? Who? Gopher?" Haha! And then he corrected me, so I think from here on out, when trying to remember it, I'll have this conversation in my head, "Gopher? No, it sounds like Gopher. Oh yeah! Bopher!"

My boy, the thespian. Ahhh, mama's happy tonight.
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