Saturday, December 01, 2007

K8 made Thanksgiving morning GREAT

On Thanksgiving morning, I noticed that the newly fallen leaves outside looked so pretty. I grabbed my camera and went out on the back balcony - from there, I could see that there might be some good leaf photo ops out front. So I came inside, went to the front door and opened it and just barely had one foot out the door when I saw it!

"My package! My package! It's here, Sammie, it's here!"

It was a perfect day for it to come, because, my parents were here. And my mom and Sammie slept in Sammie's room and were just waking up and it was just us three girls awake. Sammie was so excited! She said, "Open it in here, Mom!" She knew exactly what it was as soon as I said 'my package'!

It was all of the wonderful scrapbooking supplies that I won from K8! She had a contest on her blog, Three Wild Monkeys, giving away more scrapbooking supplies than Hobby Lobby! And I won it! Can you believe it? I actually won!

I am telling you, this woman sent me so much stuff - we were freaking out! My mother and my daughter and I all sat on the floor of my daughter's room and went through all of this stuff and it was so much fun!

And the in-laws have left three card tables over here - perfect! Lots of room to start working on scrapbook projects! Now I just gotta find where the rest of my stuff is packed away so I can start on a book. I've got one binder packed away somewhere! I can't wait!

THANK YOU SO MUCH, K8!! Ya'll go visit her - she's great and she's funny, too! And her sweet little kids are so adorable!

Oh, and if you visit THIS POST - you can see pictures of all the wonderful stuff that she sent me!

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