Saturday, December 15, 2007

I want my living room in my living room

It's driving me absolutely nutty having my living room in the basement, and having my living room half torn up and empty! I'm just getting so sick of it. It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to go through the garage to get to the basement hangout room. I totally understand the reasoning for it - keeping it empty until we do the renovations so we don't have a whole ton of furniture to move when it's time to do the renovations. And so we don't put off doing the renovations, because, we don't feel like moving a ton of furniture. It's just starting to really get to me. It would be nice to shop for some discount furniture and just get a couple of pieces, like maybe two soft chairs, so that we'd have someplace comfortable to sit up here, besides on our beds. We had a new thrift shop open up in town and it is huge. I'm keeping my eyes out there for some decent chairs. I'll just be so glad when we can make this house our home. It sure would make this whole transition easier!

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Dorothy said...

If you have a plan for the renovation, and it's not too far off I'd keep it empty. If it's down the road, I wouldn't bother. Life is too short..make your house you home. Time can get away, and you'll miss all the great times in your living room. It's not the new furniture or the style. It's the family you share the time with that makes the house the home..
Good luck with your hubby, if you decide to go this route..

Dorothy from grammology
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