Thursday, December 06, 2007

Grandfather clock and a fountain combined!

You have got to see this grandfather clock that is also a fountain! It is so gorgeous! I've always loved grandfather clocks and I've always wanted one, but, I've never seen one that is a fountain, too! That is just cool! It's very modernly made with slate and copper and it's so amazing! We are planning a major remodel to the living areas of our house, and I think we would have a perfect place for it in the corner of the dining area, next to the fireplace. It would look so nice there!

I completely love this clock, I can't stop looking at it. I think the rich colors of the slate are really pulling me in. The water runs all the way down the front of the clock to the base, in which there are ornamental rocks, and also a soft light that illuminates the tower. It would be so nice to get up in the middle of the night for a drink of water and pass this lovely, soothing clock with the water flowing and the light glowing...I can totally picture that - just lovely!

It will be great when we can finally get busy on our remodel and start making this house our own beautiful creation. Obviously, we can't create it - it's already been made, I just mean, make it our own, you know? One of the big things we are going to do is tear down the wall between the living room and dining room and make it into one big Great Room. That is going to be so nice - it is going to open it up so much in here and make the place not feel so small. And then I can start looking at grandfather clocks and I know just where to look! has got every clock under the sun - it is the perfect place for me to look! And they have a great blog, too! I love it when companies have blogs, and not just blogs, but, good blogs - blogs that are helpful and informative and let you get to know the company better! I learned something on their blog tonight, that I had wondered about, but, just had not bothered to research myself. Their post, Grandfather Clocks and Daylight Savings Time - A Change in Times informed me as to why the time change changed like it did this year. That was such a pain to me, because, at the time I was still using Windows ME, and there was no patch for ME. It's really interesting what they said about the candy lobby possibly being responsible. It definitely makes you wonder, that's for sure!

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