Thursday, December 27, 2007

Come join me at Rankrz - this is fun!

I've spent the last hour on a new site that is in beta and I'm having so much fun! The site is called Rankrz and it is all about user-generated rankings. Rankings on what? you ask... Rankings on all kinds of things - anything and everything! That is one of the things that is so cool about it, because, you can build a ranking list for a very focused niche, if you want to. There are other ranking-type sites out there, but, none for very focused niches. And what happens is I start a ranking list, and then others start ranking lists on the same topic (or keyword) and then those lists are aggregated. The first thought that came to my mind was that my friend, Loretta, could start some kind of cross-stitch ranking list. And then others could come in and do the same thing. And you wind up with all the separate lists, and the big, combined list.

I made a list for some of my favorite movies:

It is really helpful if you enter a description for each one of your selections. Thinking of one of the ways that it is helpful to do so, brings me to another really cool thing about Rankrz. You can make money by participating in this fun, new ranking site. You can do so through Amazon and Google Adsense. You just enter your ID's for both of those sites in your profile, and you will be able to participate in revenue sharing on the site. And one girl's list of stuff she liked, I noticed Amazon text links were showing up in her descriptions! So describing your entries can definitely be helpful!

So come on over, and rank stuff with me - this could be fun! I'm serious! (Or I'm just an internet nerd!) ;)

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