Saturday, November 10, 2007

Why didn't you go, too, Mom?!

My sweet, silly children. Two of them asked me that, on separate occasions! They are completely aghast that I would let my friends run off to Las Vegas without me! I wish I could've gone! We just couldn't afford it.

Next year, baby, next year! And I might get to meet up with them in New Jersey in May. *fingers crossed bigtime*

But in the meantime, those of us left at home are having a blast keeping up with everything that is going on in Vegas via Twitter, Utterz, Flickr, and, of course, on people's blogs. It has been so cool to be completely interacting with them while they are out there. We've even helped them hook up with each other, at some points! Ha!

Here are some of my crazy friends the first day out there:

Aren't they silly? That's why I love them! And because they are an incredibly supportive group of people! They are all from different states - isn't that a trip? I just got to thinking how cool that is, that we are all so 'close' - and most of us live in different states!

I'll be dreaming of Postiecon next year, yes ma'm!


Jennifer said...

I love that you picked the picture where we all look like morons! LOL

Lisa said...

Are you kidding? I love that picture - ya'll are my crazy, sweet darlin's!!!!!