Friday, November 09, 2007

Teenagers are buckets of fun

The boys came home from school today and within minutes, were fighting. What were they fighting about? They were fighting over who was going to get to practice their instrument in their bedroom.

One plays the trumpet and one plays the trombone, and they are working on completely different songs. They do not play together. So practicing together would definitely not work.

So there they both were - in the bedroom - one setting up, one already playing. Both being completely stubborn and refusing to even consider any other room to practice in.

I went in there and sweetly and kindly directed Patrick to another room. (And if you believe that, I don't know what to say! Ha!) I told him that it would be easier for him to move and forced him into my room, exasperatedly closing my door - to which Shawn slams his door.


They're both in a room, door shut - practicing separately.

The lovely part is - they have Monday off, so this is a three day weekend I have to look forward to, with these boys who argue about every single thing they possibly can!

I don't remember the school board running this 'Veteran's Day off' thing by me! Hrmph!


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