Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Strawberry shortcake goodness, silly child!

Do you see this luscious little square of pink, yummy goodness?
It is a Necco Strawberry Shortcake chewy candy and it is so good! My son came in here and gave it to me, telling me it was gross! What?!

I mean, really, I shouldn't complain about his dislike of it - I should probably be grateful for his disliking it, right? Because that means I get it for myself!

But, come on! How could you possibly not like these?

He actually peeled back the label, and cut a piece off of it with his scissors and taste-tested it. Hahaha! What a goofball!

He is the 'sour candy' kid. The more sour, the better. Now, I love cherry sours, for sure. But some of these newfangled sour candies they are coming out with are just gross!

Oh yeah - and then he came back and brought me a banana split one, too! He didn't even bother trying that one!

What kind of candy do your kids despise and you, therefore, score?
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