Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Strawberry shortcake goodness, silly child!

Do you see this luscious little square of pink, yummy goodness?
It is a Necco Strawberry Shortcake chewy candy and it is so good! My son came in here and gave it to me, telling me it was gross! What?!

I mean, really, I shouldn't complain about his dislike of it - I should probably be grateful for his disliking it, right? Because that means I get it for myself!

But, come on! How could you possibly not like these?

He actually peeled back the label, and cut a piece off of it with his scissors and taste-tested it. Hahaha! What a goofball!

He is the 'sour candy' kid. The more sour, the better. Now, I love cherry sours, for sure. But some of these newfangled sour candies they are coming out with are just gross!

Oh yeah - and then he came back and brought me a banana split one, too! He didn't even bother trying that one!

What kind of candy do your kids despise and you, therefore, score?


Fireflower said...

I'm not totally sure. Twizzlers? We're being extra careful with the candy right now. It's bewildering that the Toddler prefers chunky peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread to any other food. When she goes on those toddler food strikes, this is what she wants to eat for weeks on end. Odd. But incredibly healthy for her.

I'll take any candy that you don't want. Virtual candy doesn't have sugar, right?

Lisa said...

I've got a 13 year old still pulling food strikes on me! Hahaha!

Yeah, virtual candy is the bomb - no calories, no cavities - all yummy goodness! :)