Saturday, November 10, 2007

Social Spark - The unveiling!

This is just getting more exciting by the minute. See, the big thing that so many of us were looking forward to at PostieCon was the unveiling of the great big, new, awesome software that would revolutionize the consumer-generated advertising arena!

PayPerPost recently announced it's 'umbrella' company, Izea. Izea is the parent company of all the companies that are a part of PayPerPost. So PayPerPost is remaining as it is, but, this is just an umbrella to catch all the companies in. You can click on that link and see all the companies under the new umbrella.

And the big new thing that Ted Murphy has been telling us about and pumping us up about for months is a super secret software system (say that five times fast) that will make things easier on all of us - advertisers, bloggers, and PayPerPost.

When I heard, about a month ago, that it was based on a social network, I got butterflies in my stomach! Social networks I can totally do! I love everything to do with social networking!

And just now, just this minute - I learned the name for the super secret software system! It's called Social Spark! And there is an incredibly hot blogger, with a very sweet ass, who has the ROYAL SCOOP ON SOCIAL SPARK! Read it and get excited with me!

And go Digg her post, too! You can do that right here: Colleen's Social Spark Scoop

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