Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Promoting my husband

I've been working on getting my husband some business from the internet. He's not entirely convinced that it's actually going to work. He is a contractor - mostly residential remodeling. And he just doesn't see the value in marketing a local-only business online.

I'm working on it slowly, bit by bit. I had gotten a pretty good start on it - I started a website for him, and then I registered him at Merchant Circle. And then I started him a few Squidoo lenses. And then I left it all sitting there. I completely lost all my steam for it.

Recently, however, I received a message from someone on Squidoo about his lenses. The message was from a realtor and he has a group on Squidoo that he was inviting us to join. And ever since then, marketing my husband's remodeling services has been back on my mind again.

I want so much to prove to him that it would be beneficial for him to establish an online presence, but, I get so distracted with all of my other sites and blogs.

We'll see - I may just make it work and wind up teaching him a thing or two!



Hello! I just do hope it works for your husband. I do know it will. Then he'll believe it's true though it might take time.
Good luck.

Karen said...

I hope it works out!

You have been tagged!

Lisa said...

Thank you, Friday's Child! I appreciate the confidence! (I was born on a Friday!) ;)

Karen - thank you - on both counts! :)