Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh no! Another kid coughing!

It's 11pm and I can hear a kid up who can't sleep for coughing! Nooo! We can't have any more sickness in this house! Well, Sammie has sick days available, but, the boys sure don't! And it is Patrick that is coughing!

Our little mini-district has a five-absence-per-semester rule - after that the children need doctor's notes in order for their absences to be excused. And if your absence is unexcused, your grades for that day's work? Zeros! Ack! Zeros? That's terrible.

A lot of times kids get sick and it doesn't warrant a trip to the doctor. This is a hard rule to follow.

We just had our town Christmas parade, and Patrick and the school band were in it - so hopefully he just got chilled and his allergies are acting up. He doesn't usually catch the infections that are going around, and if he's just 'sort of' sick, I'm not taking him to the doctor - just to 'buy' an excused absence! That's $50 for an excuse note!

No more coughing, kid! And most definitely, for sure - no Ill
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