Saturday, November 03, 2007

Mom, you can go to Orlando any time!

That is what my sweet little girl said to me the other day. I have been feeling sad that I am not going to Postie Con and BlogWorldExpo - two back-to-back blogging conventions happening in Las Vegas, that a bunch of my friends are going to - and that I could learn a whole lot from! Not to mention, have a great time!

And on that particular morning, I was feeling uber sad that I wasn't even going to get to meet up with some of the PayPerPost crew in Atlanta, one of their many stops along the Blog America Tour. Ted Murphy, CEO of PPP, and a few guys decided to make a road trip from Orlando to Las Vegas for the conventions. And that way, they could stop at cities along the way, meeting posties as they go! They have been Twittering their whole trip, though, and so that has been fun to keep up with.
This is a pic of my friend, Colleen and her nephew with Ted and Ashley, from PayPerPost at their stop in Florida.

When Sammie and I were talking that morning, about how bummed I was, it came up that PPP is in Orlando. And Sammie says, "Mom, you can go to Orlando any time!" I laughed and told her that Orlando was eight hours away!

And then I got to thinking about it - and DUH! We have a huge active community of Punkymoms in Orlando! I could go to Orlando and see Punkymoms and PayPerPost!

And knowing my sweet Punkymoms, I wouldn't even have to pay for a hotel!

Now that sounds like a trip! Thumbs Up 9


Christine said...

It's worth an 8 hour drive :) Orlando is super fun! I was thinking of heading down there (I'm in Jacksonville) and checking out the PPP office, but I might not be in Florida by the time everyone gets back from PostieCon.

Lisa said...

Yeah, I think I would definitely have a blast! Sorry to hear you're leaving us for up north!