Thursday, November 08, 2007

Let's go to Germany

Ever since having a German next door neighbor last year, I have been so intrigued by Germany. I never really knew that much about it until I met Sonja, and she made it sound like such an interesting place. And the food she would bake for us - yummm! Every few days Sonja would knock on the door with some new taste treat that she had baked up and made sure to make plenty for us! She would often make German bread, because, she complained that our American bread was just too thin and light. Her bread was so delicious!

Being friends with her made me feel as though I was 'experiencing' some of Germany, but it would be really cool to actually go there and experience it! And from what I am finding online, the hotels in Germany look really neat. I mean, some of them sort of look like what you would find here, but, a lot of them just have really neat and different architecture than what I see here in Alabama.

I think one of the most exciting things for me to see would be the castles! The castles in Germany are called 'burgs' and they are all unique and different. That is so cool that they are not all your typical castle. I love that they vary so much in architecture and design. The Wartburg Castle is one of the oldest in Germany. It was built 938 years ago! That would be so amazing and would render me completely speechless. I get spellbound here in the States with 100 year old houses and such. I can't even imagine being in a building that old!

I would definitely want to see The Berlin Wall. Going to Germany and not seeing it would be like going to Paris and not seeing The Mona Lisa. So I would definitely want to find about hotels in Berlin.

I would also look into hotels in Munich, so that I could see some of those old churches there. The on that is the oldest parish church in Munich has a very ornate interior and you can walk to the top of it, I'm assuming in a tower - and have a wonderful view of the city. But the one that I would love to see is this one:
It is the Heilig Geist, and I can't find a whole lot of information on it online, but, the picture alone is haunting me. I'm going to have to keep looking and see what I can find out about it.


Qtpies7 said...

I used to live in Germany, and the bread is to die for! Oh, and the castles are so amazing, even the castle ruins.
I also happen to live in a 98 yo house, not quite 100, but getting there!

I would just be in heaven to have a German neighbor who could teach me to make brotchen. I can't master their breads.
I found you through the ppp threads on the Hamilton beach opp.

Lisa said...

Yeah, the bread was really good - and she'd make us this 'dessert bread' stuff that was so so good!

How long did you live there?

Do you enjoy your old house? I would love one, but, so many I've talked to say they aren't worth it. I don't care, though - I still want one!

Thanks for visiting! Your kids are adorable!