Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm in Las Vegas in Alabama!

Oh my gosh! Now I'm even more connected to the goings on in Las Vegas! This is so super cool!

PayPerPost is streaming PostieCon live on the internet, and at the same time, they have opened up a chat room to further involve those of us at home! I even got to ask a question to one of the presenters - while she was talking! That was just cool!

So we did have one window open for the chat, and another for the live feed, and we were having to switch back and forth. Then this awesome blogger dude, Andy Beard - mashed them together on his site for us! This is so cool!

I've got Twitter open, watching for messages, and I've got Skype going with my rockin' friend, Loretta, and I'm in the chat room/live video feed room - and I just popped over here to blog! This is so much fun! Technology rocks!

My cell phone is next to me and keeps ringing for the kids and annoying me - interrupting my techno-heaven. It is the one gadget I'm not interested in right now! Ha!

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