Monday, November 12, 2007

House full of in-laws, belly full of grease

The in-laws came over yesterday for none other than a fish fry! The food was absolutely delicious, but, there was so much of it! And most of it greasy! I got so incredibly full, that I was hurting long into the night and morning!

We had fried catfish, homemade hush puppies (YUMMM!), potato salad, macaroni, and gosh knows what else! All I know is there was a lot of food to pick from, and it is so hard when there are so many dishes, because, of course, you want to try them all! I'm telling you, eat some good Southern cookin' too often, and you will not be fitting into any bustiers!

Here is a picture of one of our desserts - a chocolate merengue pie made by Aunt Lisa. (No, not me Aunt Lisa, the other Aunt Lisa. Heehee) Pretty, isn't it? She wants me to help her do a portfolio of all of the wonderful, yummy things she makes. That should be fun!

Well, we had a fun afternoon, but, boy was it painful! We enjoyed just hanging around and talking with the family, though. And then later on in the evening, it was just a cousin left with her hubby and one of her sons, and we had a fire outside and all sat out there talking and laughing and cutting up. I learned some interesting new phrases that cracked me up! (That, no, I shall not repeat here on the blog!) LOL!


Lynne said...

That's a beautiful meringue on that pie! I can never get mine to brown so nice and evenly, I tend to get black tips when I try or else it goes the other way and isn't brown enough.

Lisa said...

I know, isn't it just gorgeous! I told her to get it off that ugly tupperware, we were putting it on my beautiful glass tray and taking a picture!! :)