Monday, October 29, 2007

An easy way to find hotels provides all kinds of information on hotels in various cities. You can get discounted rates on all levels of hotels, because, the hotels book rooms directly through the Easy To Book system, and that is cheaper for them to do. You also do not have to pay any reservation fees. They give a lot of information on each hotel to help you make your decision better. They tell prices, obviously, but, they go much further than that. They let you know about all the different services and room services available, times for check in and check out, information on taxes, and even distances to popular sites nearby.

The site features two of my favorite, dream destination cities. The first one is New York. Thanks to my wonderful mother, I have actually already made this trip, but, we are both wanting to go back very badly. So I am always looking at New York hotels and sites online, planning the next trip in my head.

One of the other places that I have always wanted to go is Paris. I honestly don't know if this trip will ever happen, but, it is so exciting to 'plan' it anyway! I love checking out all of the things people do when they visit Paris. With all of the maps provided on, I can get my trip all planned out!
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