Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DJ LOVES his personalized music!!!!

I recently told you about sending my nephew in Dallas a CD of songs personalized just for him. Well, I got the call I'd been waiting for - he got it! And he LOVED it!!!

My brother called yesterday and was telling me all about it! I'm so excited!

The CD came from and it is so cool! They didn't have DJ, so I chose Daniel. And on the CD, like ..actually ...physically - on the CD is his name. You know, on the label. So DJ knew that his name was ON the CD, but when he heard the people actually singing his name, he completely flipped OUT! So cool!!! Oh gosh, I wish I could've been there!

But knowing DJ so well, and hearing my brother describe his reaction, I felt like I was there!

And when more and more of the songs played - singing his name - he said,
"Dad! Aunt Lisa told ALL those people my name!"

It cracks me up just typing it! Man, I love that kid! He said another cute thing, but, now I can't remember it - I knew I should've posted this yesterday!

And, I was quite amused and quite pleased to hear that his favorite of all the songs was, "You're A Winner!" And it tickled me absolutely pink to tell Patrick that when he got home from school! Fourteen-year olds - what do they know, anyway?


John C said...

Nice and good info. The personal touch on these CDs is really impressive...I'd blown them off in the past if I and other people like you hadn't come across them. :)

Good review of it!

Lisa said...

Yeah, I think they're super cool!

Thanks for the compliment!! :)