Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Channeling DJ's Spidey hands

I must be channeling my Spidey-obsessed nephew in Dallas - that's all I can figure is happening. Otherwise, I might just be turning into Spiderwoman. See, the problem started about two weeks ago. And, actually, at first, it was quite funny. Now, it is getting a bit annoying, if not disturbing. What's happening is - "Spidey hands".

Yeah, that's right - "Spidey hands". I can NOT stop making them. When I want to point at something, like I'm talking to you and I'm showing you something 'on that wall over there' - "Spidey hands". Or say I'm explaining something to you and I'm involuntarily emphasizing my words with my hands - yep, "Spidey hands". When a good song comes on and I start dancing around to the music - yep, you guessed it - "Spidey hands".

You know, you know - when he does this little number:
This is the weirdest thing. I could see it maybe if it started happening right after we got back from Dallas, because, I did spent lots and lots of time with DJ while we were there.

But for it to just come up out of the blue like this and afflict me so strongly - it's odd. Just plain odd.

I wonder if I'll need some kind of antibiotic for it or something?
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