Friday, August 17, 2007

They were supremely thrilled to go back to school!

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Can't you tell from the photo? Don't they just look like they're bursting with excitement?! We were really having fun out there that morning, actually! It was kind of funny - everyone was all hyper and silly and just being super goofy! It was a great way to start the new school year. If you would like photographic evidence of said goofiness, all you have to do is click on The Roberson's First Day of School 2007! It made me so happy to see them all in such a good mood on the first day.


Anonymous said...

Well it's about time we got some pics!!! :) I love 'em! Loving the new camera too!

Love ya,tb

Lisa said...

Oh, there's plenty more coming, believe you me!!

That's kind of a dumb saying when you see it written out - 'believe you me'...hmmm...

Heather said...

Wow Lisa awesome new camera...I'm jealous!! :)

Your school year is so different then ours in Canada. We are just starting to gear up. Kids are back in school September 4 here.

How does it feel, did you get together with your girlfriends for coffee that first morning? That's what I always do LOL.

Lisa said...

Heather - I have a friend in Virginia whose kids go back about the time yours do.

Actually, you know what I did that first morning? (Besides dealing with the usual silly, sad feelings I get every year when they go back - LOL) I worked on the computer... wait for it ... UNINTERRUPTED!!

It truly was a beautiful thing!