Thursday, August 09, 2007

Our wanna-be groovy house

This house we've moved into really has so much potential, but, it needs a LOT of work. And when I say a lot, I mean - a lot! Heck! Our septic tank is even broken and we're just waiting for it to (ick!) overflow into the basement, because, we can't afford to fix it. See, we need to get hooked up to city sewer, and that is going to cost a lot - a lot that we don't have.

And this house is actually 2600 square feet, which to me is huge, but, - but - the first floor, where I spend 99.9% of my time, is only 1300 square feet. And this is where all my stuff is, too. And there's just no place to put it all. I'd store a bunch of it downstairs, and bring it up slowly as we renovate, but, there's that septic tank issue. Yeah. Ick.

With some money and some muscle, this is gonna be a totally kick ass house - really! It is on a HUGE lot, in a great location, and it's just got a great set-up. If only some long lost great grandmother had left us an inheritance, and we were getting a payment each month from a structured settlement company, we could start using that to get started on some of these around-the-house jobs!

Until then, I guess we'll just peck away at it little bit by little bit!

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