Friday, August 17, 2007

New gadgets make me HAPPY!

You see this bad boy? He's mine - all mine! His name is Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS and I LOVE HIM!!!! Mark just brought him home the other night. And if he thinks - for one bloody, redneck minute - that his saying, "I bought it for you, babe - it's yours" is a great way to get me not to yell at him for spending money, but, he's really going to snag it back, sneakily, here pretty soon - YA'LL JUST TELL HIM HE'S GOT ANOTHER THINK COMIN'!!! Ha!

This is our second Kodak Easy Share - I just love them, they really are great digital cameras - but, I love 'Number One' a little less today. Let me show you why.

The boys have to wait for their bus in front of the neighbor's house, which is across the street. On the first day of school (Aug. 9th), I stepped off of the front porch and walked all the way to the very edge of my yard, to take a pic of them waiting for the high school bus together. That picture is here:
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Now - the first morning with my new camera, I walked ONE FOOT OUT THE FRONT DOOR - I mean, I took ONE STEP out the door - only one of my little feeties was a stickin' out of the house! And this was the pic I got:
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Now, do you see why I'm in Gadget Heaven?? Even though he AIN'T gettin' it back, the old man might just get some TLC!!Love Eyed 4


Tom Paine said...

This is a good post. This is the stuff I was actually looking for.

I have a question though – Frequent number of times I have got a warning as “spam” when I try bookmarking on sites like or

I don’t have any spam pages or websites.

Any idea why do I meet with all these?


Lisa said...

No, I really don't know, but, thanks for stopping by and for the compliment! :)