Thursday, August 02, 2007

My feet are demanding some Dansko shoes

I have been wearing cheap shoes from discount stores for a very long time. And my feet have had enough. Enough, I tell you. I spend most of my time barefoot, because, I just can't stand to have shoes on. I have creatively fooled myself until now that the reason for that was my uber-cool-hippiness. Ok, the gig is up. My feet are just TIRED of crummy, cheap shoes and they want to be treated with a little more respect, and so they should! A nice pair of Dansko shoes, like the pretty, red Merrie clog, would do my feet a world of good! Not to mention, that they are so darn cute! Ok, I totally want those! They are so on my wishlist now, people! I wonder, though - if I got it in red, could I still wear it with everything, or would I have to match? Because I can totally see myself wanting to wear those everyday!

And I haven't worn boots in years, but the Ryan Dansko boots, are so adorable! And they look so comfortable, unlike some boots I see women wearing - and suffering through! No, this boot equals happiness to your feet - it has a foam footbed that follows the anatomical contours of your foot! That sounds better than my bed! But that is just the thing about the Dansko shoe brand, they use scientific principles to provide optimum comfort to keep our feet healthy and happy!

And with this hot summer, all my feet want on right now are sandals, but, it is so hard to find sandals that are comfortable! But I bet a pair of Dansko sandals would feel just great! Dansko was started by a man and wife team of horse trainers, who stumbled upon a clog from a tiny shop in Denmark, that could withstand all the hard work they were doing in and around the barn. They have taken that clog and furthered that ideal of comfort in their whole line of shoes, boots, and sandals. (And you know that the fact that they are horse trainers just scored them quite a few extra points in my book!) Winking 2

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