Sunday, August 12, 2007

Moving again?

Are we really talking about moving again? Do we need our heads examined? Maybe, yes. We have always both dreamed of moving to Colorado, though. Well, ok, me - always, Mark - since I took him there in 1994. But just the same, we both have the dream to move there. I am the type of person that wants to move to a city/town/area that has family members in it. I am all for getting out there in the world, seeing new places, but - when you're talking about living situations, family has to be nearby! So we had started discussing Pueblo a couple of years ago, because, my brother lives there. (Hi Dave!) He has a very sweet and gorgeous wife and the prettiest, sweetest, most adorable daughters ever! Their names are Alexi and Amanda - now doesn't that sound so cute??? Believe me, they are! I, for one, enjoyed being in Pueblo. I liked the relaxed, casual atmosphere of the place. Mark and David, both, though, would do much better in their respective businesses in Colorado Springs. So we've been looking into Springs. Mark has called and had information sent out to him and has been looking into some things. He was just telling me yesterday that life out there is more expensive than we are used to. He said that the real estate market would be quite different from Small Town, Alabama and probably even more than we were used to in Dallas, Texas. He also told me that they tax retirement income in Colorado and they don't do that here in Alabama. So there are a lot of things to think about, like moving the kids again. We are in the middle of squeezing through that oh-so-fun-and-lovely door of puberty. We have one who's pushed all the way through, one who's got his hand on the door, and another who's just about to touch the door. Tenuous times, indeed. Adding another cross-country move on top of that? Hmm....

Not to mention just the cost of moving, itself. I don't know, it may very well happen - as the dream is so strong in both of us, but, I'm not sure it will be right away. I could be wrong - we could be heading out next month. You just never know.

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