Saturday, August 11, 2007

I need shoes on to blog

Am I just a major weirdo-pants? Maybe, but, I just cannot get started really writing if I don't have my shoes on. So funny. Like I can't get my 'write face' (read:gameface) on with my pretty little feet bare. I bet you that the Flylady would say, "Well, of course, dear. You need your shoes on. And they need to be tie shoes."

Interesting, that 'tie shoes' thing. I mean, what if you're a girly girl that wears flats all the time? Not that that describes me in any way, shape, or form - but, still...

I mean, for me, it makes perfect sense, because if I'm not wearing 'tie shoes' - I'm likely to be wearing flip-flops. And I just can't get in 'go mode' in flip-flops.

So see, I'm sure Flylady thinks I'm perfectly reasonable.

But I just can't get to blogging with my feet bare.


latt├ęgirl said...

Alternative titles:

To blog, I need to wear shoes.

I had to read your title twice to get it. But that's just cuz I'm all tired and everything.

Lisa said...

I like the silliness of it the way I did it. Hehehe