Thursday, August 02, 2007

Easy CGI offering one year free web hosting

I'm so excited about this promotion from Easy CGI - I just registered a new domain and hosting lickety split - for free! For a whole year! This 'acquiring of domains and setting up new sites' stuff can sure be addictive! But when offer a deal like that, who can pass it up? Their support sounds awesome, too - they offer 24/7 phone support - I sure need that from time to time! And they guarantee a minimum 99.9% uptime on all servers and systems. Here's a big clincher for me - they offer easy, one-step installation of many popular scripts on the internet, such as blogs, forums, photo galleries, and more. I am, of course, most interested in the blogging platforms.

I'm just still so blown away that I got free web hosting for a whole year - that is so cool! And then when my payments start in 2008, it will only be $9.95 a month. And I'll have SmarterStats website statistics, with detailed reports about my visitors and their activity on my site. And to get me up and going, they have setup tutorials, that show me how to do everything, they don't just tell me. I am definitely a visual learner, so that is a big plus! They also have an extensive knowledgebase to help with questions you might have along the way.

I'm so excited - my domain and my site won't be live for 24 hours, they say, so I can't show it to you yet. I have known hosts to make that happen way before that 24-hour timeframe, though - so I might be showing you my new site later this evening! I can't wait!


latt├ęgirl said...

M'kay... so what happened after that?

Lisa said...

Ok, well I got my domain - - just for me to rant or carry on or make lists or whatever...but, I can't figure out their control panel and I haven't had time to call support. I will definitely update when I do.