Thursday, August 09, 2007

Did you hear that?

Silence. Complete silence. Weird.

My little darlins have run off and left me today. They are all at school. And while I am rather happy to be alone, I miss them so!!!!

Shawn got on the 'big kid' bus with Patrick today - to go to the high school. Woe is me.

And Sammie is in the fifth grade and will be expected to be responsible for a lot more this year. Yikes.

I hope they all find someone to sit with at lunch. And I hope they all make it to their buses in the afternoon before the buses pull out.

They were so sweet this morning, we were all out front laughing and playing, and they were throwing a tennis ball around and playing with the dog. I got some fun photos, I'll upload those later today.

I wonder - do you think it's harder to go through school with all its little hardships ('will I be left to sit alone at lunch?') or do you think it's harder to watch our precious kids go through it?

I've always thought that my seventh and eighth grade years were the worst years of my life - ever!

But - now I'm not so sure.


Magician said...

School started already? What state are you in?

Lisa said...

We're in Alabama - the land of the 2 month summer vacation! Ugh!

Poor kids!

k8 said...

hey cool graphic tee hee.

anyway, i am so the same way- my kids can be driving my totally nuts and when they leave i go crazy missin em!

Lisa said...

Oh, you like that, huh? I found it on this rockin' cool chic's site!! LOL!

Yeah, darn those kids - can't live with 'em, and can't live without 'em! ;)