Thursday, August 02, 2007

Blogger and Podcaster Magazine subscription contest

This is entirely too cool! My friend, Loretta, over at Gadget Girl Accessories, is hosting a contest in which you can win a subscription to the new, super-groovy Blogger and Podcaster Magazine! Yes, they do have digital versions, but, this is for the hard-copy, in-print version! I cannot tell you the satisfaction I get from having hard-copy industry magazines! I've been working online trying to make a living for quite a while now. I know so many of us have. And for a lot of people, like me, it's taken quite some time to really see the fruits of our labor. And although we've believed from the beginning that we were somehow, someway, going to make this work, the people around us haven't always been so sure. Ok, they've been a lot unsure. And as many times as we've tried to explain ourselves, and what we were actually doing all this time on the computer, they just don't get it. And I think they've even wondered at which point they were going to have to do an intervention, to pry our nimble fingers from our precious keyboards! So to me, more than anything, industry magazines - of our industry - are hardcore validation! A validation that I cherish like smooth, creamy chocolate - as I love this industry so much, and validating it just makes it that much sweeter for me!

*kicks emotional soapbox to the side*

Now how about I tell you how to enter this awesome contest? Winking 2 All you have to do is write a post about Loretta's awesome site, Gadget Girl Accessories - it can be anything about the site or you can write about the contest. Then leave her a comment or a trackback on the contest post - and shazam! You're entered!

Good Luck

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