Thursday, July 26, 2007

Time to get those school supplies

I absolutely can't believe how quickly the time has come to start getting ready for school again! The summer breaks are way too short now! Well, Mark is out with Shawn right now buying his clothes for the new year. He took Patrick yesterday and he'll probably take Sammie tomorrow. And we've got to start looking for those supplies, too. We can't get Patrick's until the school year starts, because the teachers let them know what they want on the first day. One thing is for sure, I want them to have their names on everything. So much stuff gets misplaced at school, but, if their names are on it, there is a much better chance of it making its way back to us! There is a great site online, that I've spoken about before, where we can get personalized labels to put on everything! The company is called Identity Direct and I think the kids will have a blast designing their own labels! They've got lots of other back-to-school products, too, but, I'm really excited about the labels. Especially with two boys in band, one of them in marching band, we've really got to start getting their names on their stuff. I'm sure going to and from the football games is going to be quite hectic, and losing stuff will be a frequent problem. But putting Patrick's name on his things is really going to help a lot! I'm excited that I found this online shop!

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