Sunday, July 22, 2007

So we had another crazy storm...

On Friday, we had another monster storm. It was different from the one on Thursday, because Thursday's storm was a big, crazy, wild swirling! And on Friday, it was like this giant wall of water moving south at very high speed. It was just as nuts, but, different.

But on Friday, the air raid siren went off before the storm. Interesting concept, wouldn't you say? It warned us all ahead of time about the coming storm.

Yeah, because on Thursday, the siren went off after the storm. That would be after I'd nearly been blown off the balcony! Thanks, guys!

In driving around town, the affects of those storms is jaw-dropping. I imagine most of it is from the Thursday storm, because, that was the one that felt tornadic to me. Trees down everywhere - Mark said he even saw an 8o ft. tree downed! Yikes!

I wonder, do you think that siren going off on Thursday after the fact, was a CYA maneuver?


Lizzie said...

We have storms here in UK right now. So much water that our rivers and drainage systems can't cope. Everywhere is flooded! I'm lucky that I live a big hill. If we get flooded up here then Noah needs to build another ark! What's happening to the weather?

Lisa said...

That's what is happening in Texas - it is horrible!! And here - although it has been cloudy for my children's WHOLE summer, with intermittent rain, we are still in extreme drought conditions!!

It's nuts, I tell you, just nuts!!

It really is spooky - the weather weirdness all over the world!