Thursday, July 26, 2007

Puppy got a new sweater

And it is the cutest thing!! The kids and I were so excited! Now, Lucky has never worn clothes before, and he is a scaredy cat gentle soul, so I wanted to be as cautious with him as possible in putting it on him. He also has some type of handicap, that I think I've told you all about, and so I didn't want to hurt him, either. So he and I went into another room alone, where it was quiet, so that I could put it on him slowly and gently, while at the same time, loving on him and reassuring him. And guess what? He was fine with it! He pawed at it, barely, for a second or two, and then he was just fine with it. I think he actually kind of liked it. The thing he didn't like, and never has, is my trying to get his picture. There is no better evidence of this than the shot below, in which he escapes to his favorite spot, under the table while I'm desperately trying to get the perfect shot! See the tail tucked under?
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Silly boy! I must take your picture - you look way too cute! And yes, a 120lb. dog can be cute!Winking 2
We got this sweater from this great online doggy store,, and I was absolutely thrilled that they could accomodate my big boy!

Now, if you'll notice in the picture above, right above that table is a window letting in lots and lots of sunlight. And as I had to take Lucky's pic with him under the table, I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to deal with the light. This next picture, barring the horrible light, is actually the best shot, so I had to keep it.
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I got his entire body in the shot and he's looking up and bright. Now, in this next shot, the light is good, but, the dog looks stoned! Grrr!
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I am just so excited about this sweater, and I can't wait until it cools off so he can wear it more! I will admit that I was a little disappointed when I first opened it, as I was expecting it to be super-duper soft, like hoodies for us bipeds are. It just has a little bit of a toughness to it. And as it turns out, that is a very good thing, because with pulling it over their elbows and such, you need that toughness. And also, if it were soft like ours, when you wash it, it might get kind of baggy, and not only would that not look very nice, I think it could be dangerous for the dog. So now I am totally, completely happy with the sweater and its level of softness.

Now here is the best picture color-wise, it is just bright and crisp and my little honey bear looks so sweet!
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Isn't he just a doll?

And then, of course, the kids got into it. Shawn had to go and make him 'gangsta':
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Poor, poor Lucky - the crap he puts up with. It was really funny, though - I've never seen six pre-teens/teens so excited about one piece of dog clothing! It was great!

My mom and dad both have big dogs, too - I can't wait to tell them about this online doggie shop! (Unless they're already reading, in that case, "Hi guys! Go shopping!")

Since Lucky is such a chicken gentle soul, there was this one tshirt that I wanted for him, because, I thought it would be so funny! But they didn't have it in his size. Bummer! But lemme just show it to you:
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Isn't that funny? My little wimpy kind-hearted boy, a certified killer! Cracks me up! You can click on the picture to go to and see that shirt!


Tracy said...

If you don't stop bad mouthing my dog, I'll make Mark drive him back here! :) LOVE the shirt! LOVE puppy! LOVE you!!!!

Lisa said...

But ...he's just my sweetums!! I love you, too! And you cannot have him!!