Friday, July 27, 2007

Punkymoms rock my socks off

I just love my Punkymoms! I've been a part of their group for quite some time now, around four years. And they are some of the most amazing, loving, fighting for ya, giving, intelligent, inspiring women I've ever met! I love being a part of their group. And the group is getting not only pretty large, but, also pretty widespread. We've got mamas from all over! There is one amazing and pretty good size group in Orlando. They are one of our larger Punkymama clusters. And I know that I could go and stay with any one of them at any time. It is like I have my very own vacation home Orlando-style! It is a cool feeling to know that I could go visiting lots of different places and see my sweet and rockin' peeps! There is a great group in New York that I'd like to hang with, as well as Minnesota! Punkymoms are just the best!

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