Monday, July 30, 2007

Our little house in Richardson

I just loved that house and I loved that neighborhood. We lived there for six years - the longest time that Mark and I have stayed in a house since we've been together. We made some great friends there. The kids could just head out front, and start playing, and sure enough, some kids would show up. I just love neighbordhoods like that. Our last two definitely have not been like that. The kids made a lot of good friends there, too, that they started their school careers with. Shawn has a friend that he made in kindergarten, that he still considers one of his best friends. Patrick made friends with this kid Wiley X, or Wiley something or other. He was a cool kid. It's funny because I still have dreams about that neighborhood. I just really enjoyed living there so much. It was a nice, family-friendly, and kids-everywhere kind of neighborhood.

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