Saturday, July 28, 2007

Local businesses and their affect on the environment

Local businesses can have a horrible affect on the environment and its citizens nearby. It has been proven again and again that some of the age-old practices of typical businesses are just not good for the environment or the people around them. There was a business not too far from my house that was actually completely shut down and all of the residents were given funds to move out of the area. Mark will not let me buy produce when people are selling it on the side of the road, because he is afraid that it came from too close to that area.

There is a company that supplies EHS Compliance Software to businesses. They are utilizing the best of technology to help companies keep on top of their environmental footprints. They have a long list of clients that they have helped towards this mission.

The EHS metrics software brings together environmental health and safety professionals with information technology. In one area of their expertise, over 100 wells can be monitored and assessed for environmental damage in less than an hour!

Their staff works with their clients from the top to the bottom for the EHS software implementation. They work with the senior level company staff on strategy and planning, but, are also very present in the day to day happenings of the business, actually acting as extensions of their client's staff.

The company was founded in 1998, and I think they are providing a wonderful service to all of the citizens who live near potential bio-hazard businesses! I bet they could have saved the town and the people near me that were so deeply affected by environmental waste. This is one company that I would really love to see expand and grow!

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