Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Little River Canyon - environmentally friendly

I finally downloaded my camera software to this new machine. Well, really - new hard drive, but, it sure feels like a new machine to me! Winking 6 And so, anyway, I would like to share some things with you now about our journey to Little River Canyon, in the far northeast of Alabama.

One of the first things that I noticed when we got there, was the newfangled trash cans! Oh my, but, they were cool! Check them out:

Now, look closer at them! There is literally no access to them for any creatures other than humans!

You have to stick your hand in that little sticky-up part (yep, that's a technical term) and push in a button inside there and then lift the lid up to the right. It's actually kind of a tricky operation at first, when you're getting used to it - I actually almost pinched my fingers pretty badly once!

And then - guess what? They recycle! Or provide canisters for you to, actually! In every spot that there is a trash can, there is one of these recycling sorters! How cool is that? And I mean, these are everywhere - we traveled the whole 20-30 mile scenic road that runs alongside the canyon, stopping at almost every scenic overlook, and there they were! I wonder what kind of dork that makes me? Scenic overlooks and I'm excited to see trash cans? Hmm....

And then they had these crazy things on the ground outside the bathrooms at the swimming area. Sammie and I wondered what they were. I said, "Could they possibly be some type of storm shelters?" They do look like doors!

But nope, nothing could be further from the truth! They are so not storm shelters! It is a way of cleaning the 'water' that comes from the bathrooms so that the river is protected. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called and I've been looking and looking on the website and can't find it. It is some word that you usually hear about gardening, though. I might try to remember to call them up tomorrow and ask them. I was a little confused, anyway, if that meant, 'extra' cleaning - or if that was the whole enchilada. So I shall dig around some more and report back to you on this one!

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