Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ladies stay on top of the latest and the greatest

There is a cool new site for us ladies and I'm having so much fun looking around on it! It's called and signing up is so easy! It's all about the latest and the greatest trends - in fashion, music, stores, restaurants, spas and hotels, and there is even a section called 'Hot Guy of the Week'. I thoroughly enjoyed checking that section out! Just looking, everybody chill out!

It is great because it is user-generated content, so if you have just gone to the coolest new bar and you really want to let people know about it, you can! Just sign up and head to the 'add to the site' section and fill in all the information that you can about it! You can also vote on all of the content that people submitted. There was one entry about perfume, that the user just really made me think about perfume, and how cool it is, so I voted her five stars!

And you can bookmark the stuff that really interests you, and then you can also share your bookmarks with a badge on your blog or website. You will notice my badge in my right sidebar under "Cool Stuff".

There is even a section full of the latest trends for the man in your life. It's called 'For Him Only'.

I'm really interested in sites utilizing user-generated content and keeping up with what's hip and cool is definitely a hot topic for the Web 2.0 crowd - it'll be fun to watch the growth of this site!


Leah Oviedo said...

cool I just signed up I love social websites! maybe you'd like my blog, it's

Lisa said...

Yeah, I really had fun digging around the site yesterday - and isn't that hottie I bookmarked CUTE?? Heehee

I will definitely come visit your blog! :)