Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I think it really was a tornado!

Oh my gosh, that storm last Thursday had to have been a tornado! Mark took me out for a drive to show me the trees that had been hit. They took my breath away! Completely took my breath away! There is one of them that I am going to try to get a picture of to show you before they start clearing it up. It is in someone's backyard, and it is UNBELIEVABLE!

The really weird thing is how 'spotty' the damage is. Like, the first place he showed me is a small patch of sparse woods with very tall trees. In that area, there were about three or four trees affected, like the ferocious winds just dipped down and picked out certain trees that it wanted to massacre!

And then it carried on down the road a bit more, to a residential section and hit that tree in the backyard, then another further down in a parking lot.

Then it turned an entirely different direction and picked out a few more trees to attack.

And what was I doing when this whirling, destructive wind was visiting us?

I was out on our second-story balcony, trying to save the bamboo blinds!




Anonymous said...

They sound so cool that sometimes I wish I can see one in person. But I wouldn't want it getting too close to me haha.

Lisa said...

It is quite interesting how drawn some of us are to them!