Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I finally had a psychic reading!

I have been wanting to talk to a psychic for the longest time! My best friend, 'Big Sammie', used to always go and she would tell me what a great experience it was for her! Sammie was into all things metaphysical and really inspired me to embrace things that I'd been feeling my whole life that I had thought were really 'off' and I didn't normally share with people. There's just nothing really 'mainstream' about my spirituality and Sammie was a blessing in my life, because she nurtured that in me. I know that we were meant to be together. Another thing that I know - is that I was meant to pick the psychic I picked today at See, when you call, the menu goes through a list of the available psychics and you hear a little blurb from each psychic about their gifts and the tools they use. So you can go through a whole list of them - there are nineteen of them available right now. Marilyn, however, was the second one whose 'blurb' I heard, and I didn't want to listen to anymore - I just knew she was the one. I had a wonderful reading - she really helped me to clear some things up in my mind and to see clearly how I need to face certain things in my life. I'm so glad, so thrilled, that my first reading was so wonderful. Right before I called, I was nervous, and I was thinking, "But I wanted Sammie with me for my first time!" (She passed away in 1997.) And then I felt her nudging me, 'Silly! I am with you!' And I'll just bet that it was her nudging me to pick Marilyn, too! Thank you, Sammie! Winking 2 It was really cool, too, because for new customers, it's only $10 for 10 minutes! That rocked!
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