Monday, July 30, 2007

Growing up in the spotlight

Growing up, like those years in between ages 17-22, especially, were so hard! I mean, hard! And to think that someone might experience the utter chaos of those years with all of America watching - that just gives me chills. CHILLS! I mean, most of us did stupid stuff at that time in our lives. We just had the luxury, and I do mean luxury, of not being photographed every five minutes. Some of these people, like Lindsay Lohan, are just following a path so many of us have taken. (Not that I condone drunk driving - not for a minute!) But some of the other stupid stuff she's done - didn't some of you do any of that? I know I sure did. I hope she gets to a point where she is ready to have some normalcy in life, maybe go to drug rehab on her own. Not because her mom wants her to, or her agent wants her to, or whatever. She has got to want it for herself. I just feel so bad for her that until she does want it for herself, we are going to see her every move on the cover of all the magazines. Child stardom can be such a bad thing, there really is something to be said for making your child wait for all those auditions until after they grow up. That's a whole 'nother side to this rant! I'll just shut up and go get another cup of coffee! Lucky you!


lattegirl said...

You really have no idea, do you.

I'd suggest you leave these links to the people who really know about rehab.

Or maybe you DO KNOW? If so, give us something more realistic than this post.

Lisa said...

I do know.

What's going on in Lindsay's world right now is not only quite real, but, also quite sad.