Sunday, July 22, 2007

Drugs aren't just out on the street

A lot of drug addicts become drug addicts by a much different route than those of us who were partying, having a good time, looking for a high. These other drug addicts maybe had surgery with an extended recovery period, or maybe they suffer from chronic pain. And they wind up addicted to their pain pills. It might not even be that their surgical recovery was so bad. They might have had some other stress in their life happen at the time they were trying to recover, and so they convinced themselves they were in pain, when they really weren't - so they could take extra pills. I knew of one mother, who was very stressed out in young motherhood, with an active alcoholic husband, and her doctor prescribed pills to help her cope with everything. And next thing you know, she was lying on the couch all day unable to function. The thing that is so scary about prescription drug addiction is that the rationalization works so much 'better'. "My doctor prescribed this for pain... to help me calm down... etc" So they often get to lie to others around them, and usually do succeed in lying to themselves about the true reason for popping so many pills.

For those who need help, however, there is a great service that can help you find appropriate services. Finding prescription drug addiction treatment can be an overwhelming process, but, with to guide you, it can be a lot easier. They are a non-profit service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And there is never a charge for their services. They have compassionate, caring counselors available to talk to at all times to assist you in finding the appropriate drug rehab for you or your family member. I think that's an amazing thing, really - it can just be so scary dealing with drug abuse, and knowing which action to take that's best for the addicted family member can be hard. And if you don't know where to turn, this can certainly be a good place to start.

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