Saturday, July 28, 2007

Do you know what a chicken house looks like?

I sure didn't. We were driving through the country and we passed these long, low buildings - lots of them, all in a neat row. Mark says, "Yeah. Those are chicken houses." How the hell did he know? He grew up in Florida! He definitely spent a lot of time out here, though. He is constantly telling me stories about this place or that. Anyway, I sure thought of my friend, Ang. of Ang.'s Chicken Coop, when I saw the chicken houses! I meant to tell her about them and I forgot!

We kept on driving and after a while, there was a sign out in the front of someone's house that said, "Chickens for Sale". I imagined that was maybe someone like my friend, Ang., raising them on their own farm and I thought that is so much nicer for the chickens, than to be stuffed in the chicken house like sardines, with a million other chickens.

Of course, in my head popped pictures I've seen of chicken houses on the PETA website - ewww! Those were awful, and although not as nice as living on Ang.'s farm, I do hope those chicken houses that I saw were WAY more pleasant than the awful pictures that I saw!

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