Thursday, July 19, 2007

Crazy, wild storm out of nowhere!!

Oh my gosh! That was so crazy! I was skyping with a friend, and it had started raining and thundering. Next thing I know, Sammie is hollering at me, "Momma!! The bamboo blinds! The bamboo blinds!" We have these roll-up bamboo blinds on our second-story balcony, and we had been keeping them rolled down. Oops! The wind had picked up and they were going crazy! So I hightailed it outside, I don't think I even said goodbye to my skype friend, and tried like heck to beat the winds at getting those blinds! They're flipping and flapping all over the place, and I'm doing okay, it looks like I might be successful when all of a sudden - OUT OF NOWHERE - come these crazy, psycho winds blowing hellfire and damnation!! Stuff is flying through the air all around me - little stuff, mind you, but, it was still stuff! Chairs are getting knocked over and blown across the balcony, dirt, leaves, and sticks are flying all over the place! I finally got that first blind rolled up and by then the other two had been tossed up and pasted to the top of the metal roof of the balcony! So I ran inside completely soaking wet with dirt and crap all over me to check on my poor, scared puppy dog!

And then - it was gone.

Just like that.



Retta said...

We totally had one of those storms the other day. Just whoosh big storm, nasty lightning hitting the ground everywhere all around us! Hit two trees just outside my house. Scared the poooey out of the kiddos.

Lisa said...

Yeah, exactly! It was nuts! Had poor Puppy scared out of his mind! The boys were safely in the basement, completely oblivious! LOL!